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I just hit 2000 views... sweeet.  I would like to thank everyone for their kind words and encouragement.  I hope everyone is having a good holiday season.
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My primary realm, is a place.
It's bathed in light, with unspeakable warmth.
Gifted to me, my soul
accepts her loving grace.

Secondary, yet expansive indeed
is my beloved second.
Another realm to protect
another place to adore.

and when I want it more
The third...comes crashing down.

My Primary realm thrives.
It is supple and soft,
Any ravenous thought of losing it
Chews acres across my heart.

My second realm loud and severe
Points my nose to bounty.
Points my body to drain

A devilish thing, my third realm.
Only there as a crutch,
Splits the shell of my universe
For me to behold true pain.

I want it most, I need it's cure.
A balance between my three realms
A ratio of calm inside my head.
I need something right, perfect, and pure!

I feel it, change is coming.
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I have recently sold my two largest Pieces; "The Remains of Time" and "Spark" to some buyers in Gilbertsville NY.  They look great in their new settings and I am glad everything worked out.  Thanks to everyone for their support and good wishes.

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I have decided to sell my work.  I want it to go to a new and more appreciative home.  I don't even care if I rip myself off, I just want people to love it the way I have.
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I work at a fucking restaurant when I am not making art in college.  Isn't this counter productive?  I play music alone, I sketch to occupy my brain... and I browse deviant art in envy of all the fantastic work I see.  I see my girlfriend once a week if I am lucky.  I have ultimate respect for all artists out there and some day I wish to be among you earning a living from my art.  Thank you all for your inspiration...  My work will flow again shortly, for now I must earn some money at making food for the masses.  At least I am contributing to the tastes of fat America consuming grilled and fried portions large enough to feed an army for decades.
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Art in academia is confusing.  What does an "A" tell a student?  What does an A- mean to the same student.  Does it reflect work ethics? Does it reflect actual knowledge gained?  Whatever...
Hello everyone!

My ceramic work "wine glasses" are for sale if anyone is interested.  I have 10 left.  These are my first sold artworks.
Hello everyone!

      I am interested in an issue.  This issue is on form.  When someone conceives a form with the intent to either: impose a specific message to the viewer, OR to let the viewers' mind roam "free."  Can an artist create an abstract form with no representation yet this form contains the same visual impact as a fully representational form, is this work equally commendable?
      Can the time spent on a mere gesture drawing have the same impact as the work of many masters before us?  Can it be true that the same visual education, skill level, intelligence, and merit can be seen in a mere mark of the form?  What would charivaggios steel sculptures look like? How would Michelangelo handle a camera?  I have been wondering this.
      Please respond with your thoughts.
I updated some photos of my work, they are much better in my opinion.  I changed some patinas on some of my sculptures recently.  My collection is growing.  feedback is appreciated.
art is fun! art is good! Everyone should have art in their lives!
If it weren't for art, I would be a lump of a person.  I would have no ambition or drive to continue this meaningless existence we humans call life.  Art has brought me everything.  

I believe that art is supposed to be uplifting.  I believe it is supposed to challenge the viewer and push them outside of their comfort zone.  Art is meant to make a person dig inside of their mind and search for a purpose that the object they're starring at, or song they are listening to, or show they are watching is supposed to have.  

During my time in school I have been graded for my art.  I have been amidst other students to feed off.  My professors give a damn only about their paycheck, reputation, and their own work.  I cannot trust their critiques, because they are not my audience!!!!!


You are :)

All they can offer is technical support and material advise.  But the people of this world can give me their opinions and that is worth more than the professors I pay. So I beg of who ever is reading this, please critique my work.  I am in need of a thrashing from someone I do not know.  Every one of you is a far better mind that that of a professor who is up to their eyeballs in gallery politics.